Stressed?…. Get Rid of Your Crap!!

I don’t know how I got to here?….but somehow I had brought in so much “stuff” to my home and life.  Here I was standing in front of my closet, a closet full of stuff.  Stuff I hadn’t worn for a long time.  Stuff I didn’t care about….worthless stuff.  Here it was collecting dust, taking up space, giving me so many choices and yet holding me back with indecisiveness.  Holding me back to be honest, from doing more important things!!


I’d go to work, my business is cleaning and decluttering homes.  And I’d see my clients stuff and WOW the stuff they had.  I was overwhelmed by my stuff – they were paralyzed!!!  They didn’t want to deal with it because it had gotten too big from years of collecting. It affected their lives, their happiness, their peace of mind.  I could see it in their faces as they flopped down on the couch after a long day.



The Media talked about organizing and the right containers but something didn’t seem right with that idea.  I questioned, “Why are we spending precious time, energy and money organizing stuff we don’t use???  We somehow think that when we get all the stuff organized then our lives will run smoother but seriously we don’t NEED to organize better we need to get rid of our Crap!!


I started to examine my stuff….really examine it.  I looked at what I used and what was collecting dust.  I started getting rid of the easy stuff…like the old hair brush I was keeping because maybe one day there’s a shortage of hair brushes and mine will come in handy I joked with a friend.  I also thought about the thrift stores around North America and I learned that we send so much stuff to be recycled that the thrift stores are overwhelmed and they in turn ship it back across the ocean ( because it usually came from the other side of the world to begin with) and now our used stuff was sitting in piles – deteriorating because the people didn’t need it in those countries either. Check out The True Cost documentary trailer…only 2 minutes of your time..


So today I am proud to say that I use ‘almost’ everything I have in my home. It’s been a journey to get here and it continues because I still have the urge to buy more stuff.  As disciplined as I have become I still fight the urge for more.  I live with so much less stuff however I have so much more…like peace of mind, money and time.  I’ve reduced my choices and given myself more freedom. And now I love helping my clients do the same. And whats so awesome is there are side effects….like saving money, saving time, feeling more at peace when you walk into a room. It’s a domino’s effect….you start clearing the clutter and end up filling your life with meaning and purpose. Win-Win I’d say….



2 Comments on “Stressed?…. Get Rid of Your Crap!!

  1. So much truth to this! I’m going through and purging stuff right now…hard to get motivated….but rewards are great! Less is more 🙂

    1. So proud of your Jerrilyn. Yes it can be hard to get going. That’s why many of my clients start with the 5 items a day which is 1825 a year. Place a box or bag somewhere and fill it as you move through your day so it’s not overwhelming. Keep me posted

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